What we do

Restart Parties (going since mid-2012):
These are fun and free community events where volunteers experienced with electronics help others learn to repair and perform maintenance to their broken or slow devices, as well as share tips on how to take back control of what they buy. Starting in north Camden and the Brixton area in London, our Restart Parties help us find the repair heroes and potential micro-entrepreneurs next door. Download the Restart Party FAQ in PDF.

Public speaking and educational events (starting 2013):
We give talks to design students, environmental groups, government, and companies. We are also available for workshops in educational institutions from primary to tertiary and vocational. Check our list of future and past appearances.

Corporate events (starting mid-2013):
We are developing events for the private and third sectors, called “Restart Your Workplace” where larger companies can boost creative problem solving in teams, or smaller companies can focus on building in-house IT resilience. Interested in our services? Download this A4 PDF.

Promoting quality commercial repair (starting 2013):
We are developing a social review platform focused on repair shops and repair people. This will be the much needed equivalent of Trip Advisor or Yelp for repair, with added incentives and rewards for users who repair. Our first reviewers will be community members who participate in our Restart Parties, who will help unleash the potential of invisible “micro-entrepreneurs” of repair. First we will be testing the model in London, but will the ultimate goal of scaling much bigger.

We will also look into other forms of referral and promotion of quality repairers, such as a presence at outdoor markets.

Pressure on manufacturers (future):
Once we have a large enough network, we will seek policy change and promote better manufacturer practices – new approaches towards durability, warranty provision and better hardware and software design.