Throwing a spanner in the consumerist Christmas

Just about this time of year, we are bombarded with even MORE messages to consume. The emotional blackmail underlying these messages is shocking. We are made to believe that the only way to show love for our family and friends is to give them newer things.


Instead of going blue in the face complaining about consumerism, we made a greeting card (with a special Christmas edition!) to help you feel empowered to spread the gift of repair. Fixing is caring.

The card was letter-pressed by hand in Brixton by Rachel Stanners, hard-working owner of the charming Pricklepress, a maker who we met through Makerhood.

Cards will be on sale at our events for £3.50 each (or a higher donation), and we will take online orders soon, so watch this space.

The gift of repair


Why not give the gift of a simple promise to help a friend or loved one repair something in 2013? You could either include this in a Christmas card, or present it with a gift as a “personal warranty” for the gift, or you could fold up and drop in a stocking.

We’ll be handing these out at our Christmas parties this weekend, Saturday in Belsize and Sunday in Brixton.

Please share, print and use, or get inspired to make your own version. (We’re licensing this Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike)

Download the high-resolution colour version here
Download a high-res version optimised for black & white printing here
Download a high-res version optimised for printing in grey scale here

If you need help finding a repair clinic or café near you, consult our growing global map – “Community (of) Repair”.