12 thoughts on “Events

  1. The previous events have been very helpful at TTB brixton and stockwell, thanks. I would like to come to this one at the goodlife centre with one of my sound system speakers which recently gave up. It is small but should I bring my amp too which is quite big to test it?

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  3. I am fully behind this idea. On bulk rubbish collection day where I live I get sickened by the perfectly good stuff thrown out – mountain bikes with a brake problem, electrical items with a minor troubles easily solved. We are a society of the throw it away and buy another philosophy. I am in Staffordhsire, miles from London……any tips for starting up a group?

    • Hi David,
      Apologies – we had lost this comment! We are happy for you to start a group, have you seen the guidelines here: therestartproject.org/what-we-do/how-to-run-a-restart-party/ Also, we will be at Maker Faire Manchester on August 10-11 in case you can join us and learn more on the spot!

    • Hi Robert, we are helping others start Restart Parties across the UK and beyond, have a look at our advice for running a good event and contact us in case you’d like to be involved: therestartproject.org/what-we-do/how-to-run-a-restart-party/

  4. I have a computer monitor which has stopped working. Sometimes the screen goes through a calibration routine but mainly the power light flashes and that’s it. The manufacturers say chuck it and buy a new one. Seems wrong. Can I attend the Belsize event with it to see if someone can do something with it?

    • Hi Martin, you can definitely bring it to the Belsize event for troubleshoot and (hopefully) repair – it will be a busy event, so it’s best to bring it early if you can, and don’t forget bringing the cable to connect it to a laptop

  5. To Whom it may concern, are you planning to hold a restart party in Brighton? I’m sure you would receive lots of encouragement and support from Caroline Lucas and the Green Party.

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