One year, one electronic polar bear

We’re celebrating our first birthday today with friends and supporters.

We have to pinch ourselves when we realise that we have thrown 27 Restart Parties in the past year, involving and empowering over 500 Londoners of all ages, backgrounds and groups. Together we have saved an approximate 393 kilograms of electronics from waste, which James from AccessSpace in Sheffield points out, is roughly the weight of a polar bear.

polar bear

In a world where an anointed few seem to make careers merely talking about change, we feel really humbled and profoundly moved that so many of you wanted to roll up your sleeves and repair stuff with us.

There is nothing more rewarding than repairing together.

We’ll be sharing more about our first year over the coming week, but we thought we would express how grateful we are for all of the support you’ve given us over the past year: our volunteer Restarters, the people of Camden and Brixton, as well as Project Dirt, Timberland Europe, Patagonia, and the Transition Network and Freecyclers.

There are many more to thank, including many of our friends and families, but as usual, we’re rushing to prepare another party.

Thanks to all!


One thought on “One year, one electronic polar bear

  1. Hi there, magic idea wondering about something like that here in south africa, we seem to have an overload of restart projects here, no i did not mention zuma or his cronies. We have lost control of large scale dumping in most towns and cities. I love the thought of being able to repair broken equipment and such ,BUTT this is africa, it’s easier to throw it in the bush, nearest dam, river, stream. Put it on the roof to add a bit of weight for when the wind blows, etc.,etc.,etc. Keep up the great work. Regards, francis.

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