Help us scale!

Restart one year graphic final

We need to help mobilise a global network of Restarters, and we need your help to achieve this. We have worked tirelessly alongside our dayjobs and degrees to give life to The Restart Project because we believe it is important and urgent and it simply has to happen.

With your help, we can spread Restart Parties and the spirit of repair across the UK and beyond, and this summer, we need funds to cover our costs while we work on securing sponsorships and grants to gain sustainability.

We need to pay for office supplies, volunteer travel expenses, communication and design costs, travel costs to help jumpstart Restart Parties in cities across the UK.

Please donate to The Restart Project – no amount is too insignificant – we won’t disappoint you!

One year, one electronic polar bear

We’re celebrating our first birthday today with friends and supporters.

We have to pinch ourselves when we realise that we have thrown 27 Restart Parties in the past year, involving and empowering over 500 Londoners of all ages, backgrounds and groups. Together we have saved an approximate 393 kilograms of electronics from waste, which James from AccessSpace in Sheffield points out, is roughly the weight of a polar bear.

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A repairable, hackable lamp named Clyde

In April, I saw an old friend at the Reclaiming Repair workshop in Paris. After years in quite separate directions, Amanda and I marveled at how our projects are related. Hers: a hackable and repairable lamp. Small projects like this help us envision a different future, where we take back ownership of domestic electricals like the loveable lamp.

Amanda’s lamp, named “Clyde” reached its funding goal on Kickstarter, got some great press, and will go into production soon. It’s not too late to pre-order your own!

We interviewed Amanda to learn more and share her inspiring approach. Continue reading

A visit to Millor Que Nou, an inspiring project in Barcelona

Millor Que Nou's electronic workshop

Millor Que Nou’s electronics repair workshop

As soon as you enter the headquarters of Millor Que Nou (which in Catalan means “Better Than New”), it immediately feels like people in Barcelona are well ahead of the curve when it comes to repairing and skill sharing.

This project started in 2009 and provides three main services: a monthly programme of repair training classes (running every day and covering all kinds of repair skills, from furniture to electronics, from bicycles to clothes); workshops with tools where people can self-repair their products as well as receive advice and troubleshooting from expert technicians – the same technicians who teach at the centre. Continue reading