We are looking for a someone with spark to come work with us – you will be joining a lean (but not mean!) team of two. We need a volunteer fundraiser to help us for a minimum of three months, sending out applications for small grants, and to help us plan and pull off a crowdfunding campaign.

We cannot offer you money (except of course volunteer expenses), but we can offer a number of other things

  • Serious work experience where your contribution will be significant – your work raising funds will help consolidate The Restart Project and help us scale
  • Learning about number of important themes, relevant in London but also globally: employment, education, sustainability, growth, the “circular economy”
  • Work with good-hearted geeks with critiques: Janet and Ugo
  • A Thames view! We’ll be at a central location in Blackfriars
  • Any personal electronics problems you have WILL be fixed, of course!

If you’d like a more formal job description, we’ve announced it over at Charity Job.

If you’d like to apply direct, send us a letter expressing your interest and a brief CV to: info AT therestartproject DOT org.

Deadline is April 22 – please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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