Has Tech Ever Broken Your Heart?

UPDATE: see the results of our online “therapy” at the end of this post!

Have you ever brought home a new gadget which you had high expectations for, and it then broke your heart? Or did your favourite, 10 year old pair of headphones finally die on you, leaving you bereft? Or perhaps you tried in vain to keep your laptop alive and then watch it flatline before your eyes?

For Valentine’s Day, we would like to hear more about your electronics relationships and heartbreaks. Tell us a story, or post a photo of the electronic gadget that broke your heart. If you’re on Twitter, use the hashtag #ITbrokemyheart


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Repair Rickshaw Concept

rickshaw small

Photo remixed from Flickr user sarahandiain on CC license

Since we got started, we have been interested in bringing repair back into public spaces and getting people engaged in a hands-on way. This post is about how we arrived at one of our most exciting concepts.

Last year, we participated in OpenIDEO’s E-Waste Challenge which asked the question: How can we manage e-waste & discarded electronics to safeguard human health & protect our environment?

We had experimented with OpenIDEO earlier but really felt the creative and collaborative power of its global, online collaboration with this challenge. We were interacting with professionals from a number of different fields, and from around the world, on the issue of preventing electronic waste. Now in 2013, we plan to take some of the best ideas from the challenge and prototype them, including mashing two of our favourite concepts together. Continue reading