Make, Do, and Make Do!

good for nothing

We had a great time fixing in the midst of a Good For Nothing event on Saturday.

It was one of the first times we were repairing in the middle of another event – the Good For Nothing network of creatives, strategists and developers was at the Forward Foundation helping three very worthy youth organisations in a 48 hour marathon of “doing, not talking”.

And we were there helping to repair sad gadgets in the middle of the doing. For us, the day was not just “make” and “do”, it was also “make do!”

What was most encouraging was the warm reception we received by the Good for Nothing community. Sometimes we have the false impression that those working in design, technology or marketing are unquestioningly interested in the shiniest, coolest new things and are non-critical consumers of technology. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Hannah, who refused to give up on her fraying Mac adapter, fixed it with Sugru. She wrote “Now I don’t need to get a new one #everylittlehelps for me and the planet!”

hannah g4n

We worked with Katya, whose mobile spent New Year’s drowning in rum. She was able to get it back to reasonable shape with some careful cleaning.

We gave advice to a number of Good for Nothingers on software updates, battery problems and potential DIY solutions to screen problems. As ever, we could not finish everything but had a great day of repair, learning and collaboration.

G4n repair list


One thought on “Make, Do, and Make Do!

  1. Have you considered to add more images and videos? I think it
    might possibly spruce this content up a little more. Not saying it’s lousy, but I am a visual type of dude. No big deal, simply a idea.

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