Wanted: home

We are looking for a working space in Camden or Brixton (or in between) for 2013 – we would ideally prefer a year-long lease but would be interested in a minimum of six months. (Since we pop-up for our events, the last thing we need is to be changing our office every couple of months.)

Our budget is limited so we are probably looking for an in-kind contribution to our project. We are in the process of setting up as a Charity, which may be beneficial to contributors for tax purposes.

Ideally we need space for 2-3 desks and some cabinets for storage. We thought it would be inspiring – and practical – to share space with a group working on cycle repair, food or technology.

We primarily need the space as a part-time office space, although we could occasionally use it as a workshop venue if appropriate.

Let us know if you have any ideas about where we might land, either in Camden, Brixton or somewhere in between.


6 thoughts on “Wanted: home

  1. Try Maiden Lane Community centre, they house the older men’s group ‘the Shed’ , which gets them working on woodwork, repairs, metal, etc. The estate also has a vibrant community garden.
    All the best, Cina

  2. What about approaching a local school? A secondary might be the best bet. It would be great to get young people involved in the restart concept.

  3. A pity I didn’t know of your worthwhile activities as I recently disposed of an almost new vacuum cleaner I think could have been repaired (replaced under manufacturer guarantee). Please advertise your good project more widely!

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