Wanted: home

We are looking for a working space in Camden or Brixton (or in between) for 2013 – we would ideally prefer a year-long lease but would be interested in a minimum of six months. (Since we pop-up for our events, the last thing we need is to be changing our office every couple of months.)

Our budget is limited so we are probably looking for an in-kind contribution to our project. We are in the process of setting up as a Charity, which may be beneficial to contributors for tax purposes.

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The gift of repair


Why not give the gift of a simple promise to help a friend or loved one repair something in 2013? You could either include this in a Christmas card, or present it with a gift as a “personal warranty” for the gift, or you could fold up and drop in a stocking.

We’ll be handing these out at our Christmas parties this weekend, Saturday in Belsize and Sunday in Brixton.

Please share, print and use, or get inspired to make your own version. (We’re licensing this Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike)

Download the high-resolution colour version here
Download a high-res version optimised for black & white printing here
Download a high-res version optimised for printing in grey scale here

If you need help finding a repair clinic or café near you, consult our growing global map – “Community (of) Repair”.

Triumphing together against planned obsolescence

The Epson in question

Moment of triumph over the Epson in question

I am not a technical person.

It may seem strange, being one of the founders of this project, but perhaps that is always what makes me good for this. The technical stuff not only frustrates me – it also really intimidates me, just like most people.

When I first saw The Lightbulb Conspiracy, a documentary about planned obsolescence, I would have never imagined myself battling against one of the featured tricks of printer manufacturers – Epson’s dreaded internal counter/chip. It is an emblem of planned obsolescence, much like the first iPod, where Apple made it impossible to change the battery.

This Saturday, in Willesden Green, a frustrated participant to one of our Restart Parties brought her Epson Stylus D68. She said it died suddenly with no warning and two lights just blinked red and she could no longer print. She had just replaced both ink cartridges.

I did some Googling about her problem and quickly came across a number of people complaining about the dreaded “kill chip”.

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Mapping a spontaneous, global movement


From London, we have been inspired by Holland, the US, Australia, Brazil, and now we realise that there are many more community repair and fixit groups than we ever knew of before… Milan, Barcelona, Finland, the list just grows.

We decided the time has come to visualise this growing movement of repair! Mapping repair groups will help connect people to their local repair gurus and fixit friends – and who knows, inspire the creation of more.

On the site Crowdmap we can collaboratively map the repair movement – if you would like to add a group, simply click “submit report” to add to the map. If you would like to help us curate this map, please get in touch, we would love the help.

Celebrating our half-birthday – December parties!

Wow, time flies, we look at the calendar and we will have had over a dozen Restart Parties in our six short months of life. We’ve learned tons and met so many great people.

And we’ve had so many “hallelujah” moments – like this one, in our very first Restart Party:

hallelujah merry xmas

We have three events this month, so please get involved.

Let’s get in the repair spirit on the eve of our society’s mid-winter consumer binge!

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