#Mozfest pt. 2: Working in the open

Mozilla Festival, beyond being fun, was most important for us because it really pushed us to think about the “how” – how do we build momentum towards our ambitious goal of changing relationships to electronics?

If there is one thing we’ve learned working over ten years in global development, it’s “how matters”.

Ugo and I have ideas that we are very excited about, and it’s natural that we get “attached” – even to the most minute detail.

“Working in the open”, as Mozilla calls it, is to practice a very intentional and mindful “non-attachment” to projects – it means bringing in people who are motivated by the same things but letting your community shape, and sometimes control, outcomes. (Mozilla has developed most of its most famous products together with distributed, online communities. It’s new product Popcorn is a shining example of that.)

We attended Gunner‘s impromptu talk on “working in the open” and it was like drinking two liters of the most amazing coffee (blog notes here). We’ve had a chance to reflect, and here is where we “think ahead and think aloud”.

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#Mozfest pt 1: The politics of making the future

We attended Mozfest this weekend – and as we still do not even have anything web-related to show (hopefully next year) – we were there to gain inspiration and really push our thinking forward.

The Mozilla Festival is a radically “open” geek paradise, where hundreds of people from around the world came to co-create and share ideas and tools, including online media, gaming, educational tools.

Photo of Joi Ito by Flickr user Paul_Clarke used on a CC license

We left really challenged to build a truly open community (which we will get to in our second post), but we also left with some lingering disquiet with blindspots in the “politics” of the community.

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Media buzz down south

We’ve been enjoying some welcome media hits (but not yet from here in the UK aside from an early interview with BBC’s Outriders).

The media interest from southern Europe is not a surprise to us – given the deep and unrelenting crisis the region is going through. Restart itself is a response to what we perceive to be a slow burn, deep economic and ecological crisis. Continue reading

Nesta meet you!

We were obviously happy to be chosen as semi-finalists in the Nesta Waste Reduction Challenge Prize. We are in the running for £10,000 to test out some of our best ideas in 2013, with a potential prize “jackpot” of £50,000.

But one immediate benefit of being shortlisted was spending Wednesday with some inspiring and friendly competition.

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