An inspiring day: the REconomy day of the Transition Network Conference

We were delighted to be invited at the REconomy day of the Transition Town Conference 2012. We were lucky to be able to present the inspiration for Restart and a call for action and collaboration to multiply the idea across the UK and beyond.

Here are the slides from our presentation, mostly pictures describing what happens during one of our Restart Parties:

The REconomy project is all about re-imagining the future of our local economies, creating new enterprises and livelihoods all the way from our dreams to the high streets of the future. It is about empowering us to recreate community and provide local ownership and accountability for businesses that embrace the environmental and social change we need to create.

We were inspired by a lot of the talks and the conversations that took place during the conference. As we wrote previously, we are inspired by the passion around food projects, and it was a wonderful coincidence to present about Restart in between talks by the inspiring founders of Incredible Edible and Growing Communities .

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Behaviour change and electronics

What if we could hypnotise you into using your e-stuff longer? That would mission accomplished! Loooook into my eyes. Well when we mention “behaviour change” perhaps it sounds like we want to control your thoughts and actions.

But what we are most interested in is how to inspire mindfulness and give positive options to people.

All we really need to do is hint at the ills caused by over-consumption of electronics, both to others (at mining, assembly and disposal) and ourselves and our wallets.

And for us, it is not enough to prevent e-waste.

Instead we are keen to reinforce a sense of ownership, attachment (a positive one, Buddhists!) to the things we buy. We feel that Restart Parties – where people diagnose problems together and participate in the repair of their stuff – are just one way of reinforcing this empowered ownership of electronics. Continue reading