This Saturday: Repairer meet-up

After running our first four events, we’d like to concentrate on those fearless people who make Restart Parties possible: our very much appreciated Repairers.

This is why we’re organising an informal gathering for Repairers this coming Saturday, August 25th, 3-5pm at the Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre.

We’ll be in the SE corner (closest to the Hayward Gallery – see this map), just look for a Restart sign with our logo.

We know the need is there: every time we run an event, more and more people come, bringing their e-gadgets to be looked at. We would like to expand our support to communities in London, but in order to do this we need to find more repairers willing to get involved.Who is a repairer? Our definition of repairer is very flexible. You might be an amateur repairer, someone who never gives up on a piece of electronics, and tries to fix it. You might be good with speeding-up computers that are currently running slow. Perhaps you are a professional repairer, and don’t mind sharing your skills in community events – because you know you mind end up getting more popular and gain new contacts for future work.

We are looking to expand our network of volunteer repairers, but we also would like to learn from repairers what they would like to gain from the experience. And perhaps how they would like to be informally rewarded for their work.

We are also exploring how to best link professional repairers with our Restart parties. Probably you have some answers to our questions – we can’t wait to hear from you!

Drinks are on us 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you there.

Please leave a comment to the blog post to let us know if you’re coming or if you’d like to get involved as a repairer in future Restart events.


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