More repair & southern expansion!

Next month we will be repairing again at another Restart Party at Belsize Community Library (Aug 14th, 6-9pm), but we will also be focusing on building another network in Lambeth Council – focusing on the Brixton area.

Our idea all along has been to focus on two “nodes” of community e-repair in London before we scale: one in the Camden-Belsize area, and the other down in Brixton.

We’ll be planning some pop-up repair events there in late August and early September. Just like Belsize, Transition Town Brixton is vibrant, and the repair activity in Brixton Market as well as projects like Remade Brixton [known as The Remakery] and Makerhood have caught our eye.

And just like Camden Council, which has been very supportive so far, Lambeth is known for sponsoring green innovation.

If you are a greater Brixton area geek, and would like to do more than code shiny apps – please join us! One gadget at a time, we can turn things around, take control and become more than just passive consumers to prevent unnecessary e-waste.

And If you are active in Brixton and interested in battling e-waste with your communication and organisation skills, get in touch!


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