#Restart3: Library as repairspace

We are delighted to announce that our third Restart Party will be at Belsize Community Library (3 Antrim Road, NW3 4XN). Save the evening of Wednesday, July 11 for community repair. We’ll be there from 6-9pm, helping people fix their stuff. (Please let us know you are coming!)

There has been a great deal written about future libraries as makerspaces or hackspaces, but we feel the library can be a place for skillsharing and helping to nurture new, collaborative economies. Continue reading

The fixing continues

We had great fun at our second event on Thursday at the inspiring KK Outlet store, beautifully curated by Technology Will Save Us. In addition to tinkering, dispensing repair advice and marveling over the Sugru dinosaur, we fixed another HP printer and switched out the fan on this 2006 Macbook – now silent and cool. (May it last another six years!)

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Documentary: The Light Bulb Conspiracy

UPDATE: The film will screen again on September, Thursday 13, 6:30pm at UCL – it is a free event.

Tonight the documentary “The Light Bulb Conspiracy” debuts in London at the Open City Documentary Festival. Watch the trailer here and join us at 6:45pm for the screening, plus discussion with Social Innovation Camp afterwards about combating obsolescence.

The Light Bulb Conspiracy (Trailer) from Hans Fleischer on Vimeo.

Join us Thursday, hosted by Technology Will Save Us

We were quite thrilled when Technology Will Save Us, a group we really admire, asked us to join them during the week they are curating at East London communication agency KK Outlet.

TWSU call themselves a “haberdashery for technology and alternative education dedicated to helping people to produce and not just consume technology.” Their mission is entirely complementary with Restart’s – we think making stuff is empowering and enables us to think about repairing more naturally.

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Our first Restart Party – repairing and learning

Thanks to everybody who attended our first Restart Party repair event in north London on Saturday – you made it a real success.

We had an excellent turnout – more than 30 people came by, from many generations, and the space was buzzing the full four hours. We had 4 humble repair heroes offering their skills in computer and electronics repair – sometimes this meant we could not help everybody immediately, but people were quite happy to meet each other, have a brownie and a coffee and talk about their electronics, green and local issues.

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