Starting the Restart.

Think about the last time you replaced a computer, camera, mobile or iPod. Did you do so because the last one broke down and could simply not be repaired? Or did you simply find it was “obsolete” or “running slow”? Or did you simply “have to have” the latest, the newest gadget?

Why do we consume computers, phones and other electronics the way we do?

This project hopes to inspire a new behaviour in relation to electronics, especially computers and phones. We hope to empower people to invest in economies of repair instead of despair. Fixing, repurposing and dodging obsolescence can come back – and can even become en vogue.

What would a world look like in which we are free from craving for the new? We are not proposing that we agonise as individuals over our consumption, but instead that we get creative, playful and mindful in our choices. Let’s do it together.

Check out our concept as it evolves here.

This project is the brainchild of Ugo and Janet, members of London’s ICT4D geek community.